Email Hosting

Every business needs a business email

Whether its for a small company or an enterprise looking to establish its name in its sector, Pagelinkd offers you the option to create your business email accounts with no hassle. We will do all the administration work involved in purchasing your domain name and adding the relevant email account names onto Pagelinkds online servers.

Business Emails have the added advantage of security from external sources that traditionally have access to your email accounts (e.g Google, Yahoo, etc). Also, business accounts give your potential partners confidence in doing business with them.

Our email hosting gives you various options to pick from depending on the number of email accounts required and the accompanying size of the disk required. We can also customise an email account according to your needs and update when you feel its necessary.

Pagelinkd helps you reach the required destination.

Hosting Costs

Our hosting costs include everything except, Data Maintenance which is a fixed fee of $24,99 per data maintenance run through - which usually lasts 30 days. This is a flexible add-on service customers are open to request or not use. Customers will be charged per request.
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