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Social Media is a phenomenon that many of your friends and family use daily and can be used to reach numbers that traditional methods such as paper-based and voice media cannot achieve on a minimum budget. With Pagelinkd we help your business reach the customers who are most likely going to need your products or services.

We place value on understanding your product first then develop an adequate Social Media Strategy which will detail our recommendations as to which social media networks you should be utilising.

We are proud to be experienced Facebook Business Managers, where the bulk of of our clients are found.

Pagelinkds Work on Solar Shack is the best in the country

Our other Prefered platforms

Our other preferred platforms of services

Case Study - Chenai Hub

place your ad Chenai Hub Statistics by Pagelinkd the best Facebook Business Managers

This is a showcase of our services impact on an ecommerce shop - Chenai Hub. We were in charge of Managing the Facebook page where they chose the Campaign Package as they wanted to improve external reach to the website. We prescribed Facebook targeted Ads with eye-capturing professionally designed infographics.

Quality Campaigns Matter W.G

Chenai Hub Statistics by Pagelinkd the best Facebook Business Managers

The Best infographics do the job

And Statistics back them up

Facebook Page Costs

Pagelinkd manages pages with Lead Generation in mind. We carefully plan strategies, where we manipulate important elements, develop a practical content updating calendar to get the most attention, keeping in constant contact with You through out, as we combine it with a user-focused infographics that encourages conversions.

Our Page Management cost includes the work we do behind the scenes to ensure your content is presented in the most effective way possible as well as the Photoshop designed infographics which are limited according to number of designs required per month.

Special Case?

Haven't found what you need?
Maybe you're an individual or sole trader looking to leverage the internet, or you're looking to host a specific event and need to get the message to as many people as possible in a short period of time this package is for you! Contact us for a special quote, we are committed to getting you online.

Not Satisfied? Try Boost

Pagelinkd Boost is a quick fix way to improve your business outreach at any given time. The difference with our other packages is that Boost is a once off payment for once off results. Maybe you don't want to commit to a consistently managed page and are looking for results on the go. This is for you!

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